Children's Ministry

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New Journey's childrens ministry is designed to meet the spiritual needs of children from age 6 through grade 6. Through relevant teaching and fun, engaging activities, we seek to equip your kids to be little world-changers. 

Kids Church

Sunday's at 10:15 AM.

Ages 6 to grade 6


Sunday's at 10:15 AM.

Infants to age 5

Safety Rules

  1. Drop off Instructions:
    1. The parent/guardian will receive a wristband per child and each child will receive a matching wristband.
    2. The parent/guardian’s phone number will be written on the child’s wristband so they can be contacted via text message.
  2. Pick up Instructions:
    1. The parent/guardian who drops the child(ren) off will be the one to pick them up and present the wristband(s) to the leaders.
  3. Sanitization and Health:
    1. All children and leaders are to wear masks based off current CDC guidelines found here.
    2. All toys and supplies will be sanitzed before leaving.
    3. Food and drinks will not be provided. If a parent/guardian brings food or drinks, they will not be shared amoungst children and must be marked with the child's name.
    4. Parents/guardian's will be notified via text to come change children's diapers as needed.